Curriculum of the 3MR training course

A 30-hour training curriculum addressed to professionals and focused on the development of all those competencies related to reading aloud in an engaging and attractive manner to children (0-7). The curriculum gives space to techniques and approaches on how to empower parents and/or carers to improve their home literate environment.

Specifically, the curriculum provides:

  • an overview of the competencies to be developed
  • a definition of the concept of reading aloud (and its theoretical basis)
  • an assessment framework as well as indicators of achievement of the learning results.

You can download the curriculum in your national language here.

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Guidelines for implementation of the 3MR – Methodological framework for implementation

The Guidelines are a complimentary resource to the curriculum and they are focused on the implementation of 5 training modules. They have been used successfully in the testing phase of the project, revised afterwards, and they can be taken as reference for future implementation and exploration of 3MR methodology.

The Guidelines include:

  • The description of the training programme
  • A detailed description of 5 modules on reading aloud with children for professionals
  • Assessment and related rubrics
  • Annexes to implement the activities of the modules.

You can download the guidelines in your national language here:

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Basic toolkit for teachers or other professionals who work with and read to children.

This toolkit is addressed to teachers and other professionals in education, supporting them in reading aloud with young children and in empowering parents and carers to practice reading aloud at home.

The Toolkit focuses on suggestions and advices on:

  • how to read aloud with one child in a group;
  • how to prepare a reading session;
  • how to select quality picture books;
  • how to raise parents’ awareness on the importance of reading aloud with children.
You can download a printable version of the toolkit in your national language here:


Basic toolkit for parents

A Basic toolkit addressed to parents to read aloud with their children and improve the home literate environment.

The toolkit touches upon the following topics:

  • the importance to read aloud;
  • discovering different kinds of picture books;
  • how to stimulate reading aloud at home (how to prepare the place, how to make it attractive for children etc.);
  • a FAQ section for any doubts.
You can download a printable version of the toolkit in your national language here: